Best Doctor for C Section In Hyderabad
Best Doctor for C Section In Hyderabad

Best Doctor for C Section In Hyderabad

Best Doctor for C Section In Hyderabad

Cesarean Delivery

What is Cesarean delivery?

Cesarean delivery, also known as C-section, is a procedure by which a baby is delivered, making surgical incisions in the walls of the abdomen and uterus. This is usually done when vaginal delivery is not the safest option for the baby and/or the mother.

What are the reasons for cesarean delivery?

There could be many reasons because of which the doctor might recommend and prefer a cesarean over normal vaginal delivery, which could be:

  • Stalled labour: If your labour isn't progressing, i.e. the cervix isn't opening yet to the extent that a baby can be delivered, a C-section would be a better option.
  • Problem with the placenta: If the opening of the cervix gets covered by the placenta, a C-section might be recommended.
  • Health conditions: If you are suffering from severe health conditions such as heart or brain or genital herpes infection, a C-section might be recommended.
  • The baby's position is abnormal: Cesarean might be recommended when the baby is in an abnormal position, i.e. transverse(side or shoulder first) or breech( buttocks or feet are the first to enter the birth canal)
  • Baby's condition: If the doctor suspects any problem with the baby's condition, such as heartbeat changes
  • Prolapsed Umbilical cord: A cesarean delivery might be recommended if a loop of umbilical cord slips ahead of your baby through the cervix.
  • Delivery of multiples: If you are carrying multiples, I.e. twins or triplets, or the first baby has taken an abnormal position.

Consult the best gynaecologist and obstetrician to understand these reasons better and more such reasons.

What are the risks of Cesarean Delivery?

Just as any surgery, even a c-section poses certain risks for the mother & the baby.

  • Injury: A surgical injury during C-section could lead to other complications, and additional surgery might be needed.
  • Infections: The risk of contracting infections increases incision and the uterus lining.
  • Haemorrhage: Patient may experience heavy bleeding during and after the Cesarean delivery.
  • Blood clots: There is a risk of blood-forming clots inside deep veins. However, this is extremely rare.
  • Risk for any future pregnancy: There is a higher probability of complications when you've already undergone Cesarean delivery for one of your pregnancies. Certain conditions can develop, such as placenta previa or placenta accreta, and you might not even be able to go for normal vaginal delivery in the future.
Best Doctor for C Section In Hyderabad

To counter the risks of cesarean delivery, it is important to consult the best gynecologist & obstetrician. Dr. Sarada Mamilla is the best gynaecologist in Hyderabad with experience in successfully performing c-section in numerous complex pregnancy cases. Consult Dr. Sarada Mamilla if you have been advised to go for a cesarean delivery.

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