Preterm Labou
Preterm Labou

Preterm Labour

Preterm Labou

Preterm Labour

What is Preterm labour?

Also known as premature labour, preterm labour is a condition wherein your body gets ready for birth before the due date. In preterm labour is the patient experiences severe contractions, which open up the cervix much earlier than the actual delivery date. Labour is said to be preterm when a pregnant woman experiences contractions after week 20 but before week 37 of her pregnancy.

It is important to have the support of an experienced & skilled obstetrician & gynaecologist in any pregnancy. But it is all the more important in case of preterm labour to ensure the mother & baby are healthy. Dr. Sarada Mamilla is the best gynaecologist in Hyderabad with experience in successfully delivering babies, even preterm ones.

Preterm Labou
Preterm Labou

What are the Causes of Premature Labour?

Often there is no specific cause behind premature labour. Even after doing everything perfectly, you might face preterm labour. However, there are certain risk factors such as:

  • Smoking
  • Consumption of alcohol during pregnancy
  • Certain health conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes, blood clotting disorders, infections etc
  • Being underweight or overweight before or while you are pregnant
  • Pregnancy during your teens or when you are 40 or more
  • Multiple pregnancy
  • Family of premature labour
  • Less gap between your two pregnancies
  • Pregnancy through in vitro fertilization
  • Stress

What are the symptoms of preterm labour?

There could be some signs and symptoms which can warn you of preterm labour, so do not take them lightly and act on it as soon as possible, but also make sure you do not panic taking false labour as real.

Some of these could be:

  • Constant backache in your lower back
  • Severe and fast contractions or water breaks
  • Bleeding, discharge or leaking fluid from the vagina
  • Cramps in your belly lower abdominal area
  • Symptoms usually associated with flu include nausea, diarrhoea, and vomiting
  • Severe pressure in the pelvis or belly as if the baby pushes downwards
Preterm Labou
Preterm Labou

Can preterm labour be prevented?

  • Avoid smoking and drinking: Anything that is even slightly risky should be avoided
  • Focus on taking a healthy diet: Make sure you are consuming a healthy and balanced diet throughout the pregnancy full of nutrition because this can directly impact your health, your pregnancy, and your baby's health. It is really important to avoid being underweight or overweight.
  • Proper prenatal care: During your pregnancy, keep visiting the doctor for regular health checkups because they help assess whether or not everything is fine. If you are facing any symptoms, mild or severe, be sure to discuss them, make sure you hide nothing and provide all details at all times.
  • Spacing between two pregnancies: This is one of the causes of preterm labour, so talk to your doctor to have some space between two pregnancies.
  • Take care of chronic conditions: Being one of the many risk factors behind preterm labour, chronic conditions must be taken care of and kept in check to avoid complications during pregnancy.
  • Avoid stress and infections: Do not over stress yourself. In case of any problem, talk to people around you. To avoid infections, keep cleanliness in and around you at all times.

Can preterm labour cause any complications?

Yes, it most definitely can but that does not mean that every woman experiences preterm labour has complications.

In preterm labour, the baby has not grown to its complete cycle inside the mother's womb. This can give rise to mental or physical disabilities in the baby. Your gynaecologist is likely to try her best to delay the early pregnancy as much as possible to reduce any risks to the mother or baby.

However, preterm labour is unavoidable in certain cases. It is best to consult skilled & experienced gynaecologist, Dr Sarada Mamilla for a healthy, safe & happy pregnancy & delivery.

Preterm Labou

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